Kindle Animated Wakescreens

Kindle Fire Animated Wakescreens

In 2014, we introduced Amazon customers around the world to Fire Tablet Animated Wakescreens during Amazon's biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. These are full screen animated ad placements that appear to Kindle Fire Tablet users when they first wake-up their device.

My Role

I built and managed the team that developed this offering to customers around the world and oversaw the development of design tenets, best practices and patterns for this product.

The Challenge

To do this right, and not detract from the personal connection people have to their tablets, we had to think first about our customers. They are turning on their device to read their favorite book, watch their favorite show, or shop for products. Adding animation could go very wrong.

The Approach

Silent, subtle animation on the Wakescreen. Animation should be additive to turning on your device; not distracting. We decided on a simple and restrained feel with fluid and smooth action and animation.

The Results

These newly introduced ads realized significant performance increases in both dwell time click through rates and, more importantly, we heard positive anecdotal feedback from our customers. The program is scaling in 2015, and continues to surprise and delight - making it a favorite of fortune 500 advertisers around the world.

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