Minions Mayhem

Universal Pictures partnered with Amazon to launch the hugely popular Minions film in 2015. The campaign combined a first ever on-box media program for Amazon with never been done before digital executions on - surprising and delighting customers across the U.S.


Every day millions of people across the United States receive a box from Amazon. Those ordinary brown boxes are part of almost everyone’s shopping experience. I worked with Universal, Illumination and Amazon to bring two of the worlds most recognizable brands together - right on customers doorsteps - across the U.S. The program saw press mentions in many publications including The LA Times, Fortune, The WSJ, TIME, Bloomberg and AdWeek.

A campaign of firsts

Combining a destination known for shopping, with an advertiser who is focused on driving customers to the theater - we had to think about balancing the two objectives while making sure Amazon customers not only tolerated the experience, but wanted more. 

Extending Reach

The #MinionsBoxes hashtag extension saw tens of thousands of posts across social media and generated some pretty great pictures to boot (Below are some of my favorites.) In addition, I developed and produced two promotional videos to aid in the social buzz around the event. These videos were released across Amazon, Illumination, and Universal social channels. 

Not all winners

Sometimes the best ideas never make it to final production. Some of the "firsts" we explored, didn't quite nail the sentiment - but we'll just put them on the back-burner for next time.

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