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It’s fair to say that we get the best music recommendations from our friends. Our friends know us, we usually share similar interests and trust their judgment. Heck, that’s usually a big reason why they are our friends.


Better Recommendations

Many music recommendations from friends in the digital age come in the form of “likes” and “sharing” on social networks. It works out well when your friends are on the same social network, and are motivated enough by a song, or a video to share it. But what happens when your friends don’t actively share? Facebook, for example, has more than 1.3 billion monthly users, but data shows around half (52 percent) of Facebook users identified themselves as active. That’s half your friends who aren’t sharing!


Better Music Discovery

In 2013, a few colleagues and I created a music discovery platform that tracks the music you actually listen to on any platform (Spotify, iTunes etc) and creates playlists for your friends, keeping them up-to-date on your personal tastes. Even friends who don’t like to engage on social networks can share just by listening to music the way the always do. Musimal helps people discover music based on their friends’ normal listening habits that are shared anonymously resulting in a friend powered “Billboard.” Whether people use iTunes, Spotify or Pandora, Musimal allows them to centralize their listening and discover new music they’ll truly like.

User Choice

When users log in to their app, they see the songs their friends have collectively listened to the most. Users can choose to share their personal listening habits or keep them private – only sharing their play information in the aggregate.


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